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Weddings & Events

Sarah R.

“I attended a wedding in May where the Florence bus was used as a floral display / installation. People absolutely loved it! Everyone was taking photos, making it an even more memorable event. This was the coolest part of the wedding!”

Sam B.

“These guys were absolutely great to work with! My best friend hired Florence to drive them from the ceremony to the wedding venue. They were punctual and reliable! I was her maid of honor and helped with a lot of the coordinating. Keith was communicative and accommodating. We would love working with them any time again, and will recommend to everyone we know!”

Aria S.

“My company hired Florence for one of our trade showings in PA. Keith was very responsive and reliable to work with. He got the bus to the convention center exactly on time, and that was really refreshing for us, after having dealt with so many last minute no-shows. These guys really just get the job done! You can count on them, and that's the best thing in a rental vendor.”


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